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SEC Chooses atg Flying Probe for High-Speed Electrical Test and Automation

atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH, confirms the order for high-speed bare board testing technology. The atg A5a, 8 head, double-sided, auto-load/unload system, for true “lights-out” operation has been ordered and installed by Saturn Electronics, Romulus, MI.

A5a (auto-load/unload) testers utilize 8 flying probe test heads, multiple optical recognition systems, and a wide variety of advanced, high-speed electrical test measurement techniques to electrically test all types of PCB’s for continuity and isolation. Board sizes of 24” x 18’ (or larger), with small pad/fine pitch technology can be tested quickly and easily. Special options, such as, 4-wire Kelvin tests, Hi-pot test, Latent defect test, and others can be provided.

SEC to Exhibit at Mexico’s Aerospace Summit

Saturn Electronics Corporation will be exhibiting at this year’s Mexico Aerospace Summit in Queretaro October 4th-5th.  Join us to learn why Mexico’s Aeronautical Industry has grown from 100 U.S. and European manufacturers in 2004 to over 300 in 2012. Industry experts and OEMs from domestic and export markets.
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SEC Acquires Orbotech Inkjet Printer

Looking to stay on the cutting-edge and remain competitive, Saturn joined the elite group of domestic fabricators with inkjet printers in their facility when we recently installed Orbotech’s Sprint 8-Inkjet Legend Printer to our Romulus fabrication facility.  The Sprint-100 is capable of printing down to 0.5mm height text and 3 mil features as well as the its ability to make straight lines in any angle.  With its patented UCI Technology for superior quality, ink drops are cured instantly for uniform line width and height, which in turn, reduces cycle times by eliminating baking cycles.

National Manufacturing Day: October 5th

Manufacturing Day has been designed to expand knowledge about and improve general public perception of manufacturing careers and manufacturing’s value to the U.S. economy. Manufacturing Day is for students, parents, educators, media, customers, suppliers and the community at large. Visitors will learn about real career opportunities, training, and resources. In addition, manufacturers will learn about business improvement resources and services delivered through manufacturing extension partnerships.
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SEC to Exhibit at D2P & NMSDC in October

sec trade showSaturn Electronics Corporation will be exhibiting at the Design-2-Part Show in Portland, OR on October 23rd and 24th.  The D2P features Exhibitors from a broad range of industry categories: from basics like Fabrication, Assembly and Design to more specific categories like Aluminum Clad PCBs.  We will also be exhibiting at the NMSDC Business Opportunity Fair in Denver, CO on October 29th-31st.  This year’s theme is “Minority Businesses and Corporate America: Advancing Minority Suppliers in the Global Supply Chain”.
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UofM Solar Car Team wins 4th Straight National Championship

The University of Michigan has made it four wins in a row at the 2012 American Solar Challenge vehicle competition.  The Ann Arbor-based university’s car Quantum won the eight-day solar vehicle competition on Saturday. The 1,650-mile event started July 14 in Rochester, N.Y., and ended in St. Paul, Minn.  Michigan’s Quantum crossed the finish line about 2:30 p.m. CDT, with cars from Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa, and Principia College in Elsah, Ill., coming in second and third. There were 18 teams in all. Michigan has won the event seven times since it began in 1990.
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SEC Gets TRAC Certified

TRAC enhances compliance by enabling companies to quickly and reliably verify their third parties’ ownership, address, length of time in business and other compliance details in one place through the web portal. Relying on TRACE’s traditional shared-cost compliance model, the entity seeking a TRAC number pay a modest fee and make their information available on the TRAC site at no charge to whomever that TRAC holder designates, saving both parties the cost and delay of duplicated efforts. This promotes transparency by providing a platform for companies to better control their identifying information and more efficiently and securely disseminate that information to their business partners.
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Why is WALL-E’s circuit board blue?

In the 2008 Pixar animated film “WALL-E”, Eve desperately scrambles the garbage airlock searching for a Motherboard to replace the one that Auto had previously fried tasering our hero. Eve’s search actually produces three different PCBs (all with green soldermask) that are incompatible with WALL-E.  It is not until they find a blue PC board that the Extraterrestrial Vegetarian Evaluator (Eve for short) is able to save and (hint) reboot her quixotic WALL-E. So, what is the significance of this blue soldermasked PCB?
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WIRED Announces National GeekDad Day

WIRED announced National GeekDad Day , a comprehensive initiative to encourage parents and their children to strengthen family ties and ignite children’s passions for science, technology, engineering, and math. On June 17, 2012, WIRED plans to take over Father’s Day with curated activities, projects, and experiments that families can host themselves or do together at workshops as part of sponsored events.

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Happy GeekDad’s Day!

SEC Makes Crain’s List of Detroit’s Private 200

Learning not to rely solely on Southeast Michigan, or on the auto industry, helped local engineering and construction companies rebound strongly from the downturn caused by the recession.

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New Article Published in SMT Magazine

In his new article apeparing in the June issue of SMT Magazine, Yash argues that there are times when one has to get back to basics. He once again teams up with Electronics Thermal Mangagement guru Clemens Lasance to find out if brand-name thermal dielectrics on MCPCBs perferable to FR-4 PCBs with copper plated vias by testing PTH performance and Copper Pours.

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Yash to present at upcoming IPC Conference on Flexible Circuits 

Yash will be presenting CASE STUDY: ORGANIZATIONAL TRANSITION–FROM RIGID TO FLEX at on Wednesday, June 13th at 9:45 am. Explore the amazing potential of flexible circuits technology to manage high temperatures, reduce weight and space, and save on assembly.

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Saturn Flex Systems Turns Outlook Around

It’s not often that a PCB company that’s been spiraling downward for years can be turned into a successful design and manufacturing company.  But flex circuits gave one company a positive path forward.

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SEC Alleviates Reliability Concerns (Perry Interviewed at 2012 IPC APEX)

SEC VP Perry Sutariya discusses the high-reliability concerns of EMS buyers with Real Time’s Steve Gold.  Perry also explains SEC’s steps towards eliminating reliability issues beyond even IPC specifications. 

Perry interviewed at IPC APEX

Saturn Flex Annual Report 2011

With a full year and a half of new business and transition under our belt, it is safe to say that Saturn Flex Systems, Inc. has a strong foundation and is well-positioned for new growth opportunities. 

SFS Year-in-Review 

New UL-Certification Chart for PCB Materials

As a result of recent conflation and tacit implications from fabricators regarding their materials status pertaining to UL, we have decided to generate an organic chart of our numerous UL-Certified printed circuit board materials and laminate systems. 

UL Circuit Board Materials 

Latest on Lead-Free Capable Materials

Advancements in lead-free materials are not necessarily restricted to the materials themselves; they often develop in our knowledge base of the characteristics and performance criteria of the already available library of materials in the marketplace.  This is truly the low-hanging fruit.  (article begins on p.12)

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2011 Year in Review and Outlook 2012

2011 marked SEC’s most successful year to date as SEC attained elite domestic status through media contributions and equipment and certification updates.  

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Published Thermal Conductivities Values: Facts or Fairy Tales?
Around 1980, when I joined the Heat Transfer Group at Philips CFT, my boss threw a piece of material on my desk and asked for its thermal conductivity. It took me a week digging in literature to discover that this was no easy question to answer, despite the simple mathematics behind a steady state measurement: k=q/?T/A, with k the thermal conductivity, q the dissipation, ?T the temperature difference across the test sample, and A the area. All items at the right hand side are easy to measure, so it seemed.
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New LED PCB Calculators
Saturn Electronics Corporation, the recognized leader and trusted adviser in PCB Design and Fabrication has added two new LED PCB Design calculators to their Thermal Management LED MCPCB Resource Center. One addressing thermal resistance and the other takes on heat spreading. "I've never seen anything like this before...we had to go BETA due to the overwhelming demand of the people.
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PCB007: Free White LED Thermal Management White Paper
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New LED PCB Design White Paper Addresses Thermal Behavior of Entire System
The original objective of Clemens' Lasance new White Paper entititled "Basics of (PCB) Thermal Management for LED Applications" was to lay a firm base for people who are involved in printed circuit board design for LED applications to understand and predict the thermal behavior of their design. However, after reading the paper the basic achievement will be the the notion that such a designer cannot focus on the PCB alone.
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Saturn passes qualification for Delphi's C-7000 class B Certification

Saturn qaulified for Under-hood, Safety, and High-Reliability applications up to 10 Layers.
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Nagji Honored by APACC

The Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce recognized Saturn C.E.O and Founder with the APACC 2010 Excellence Award.
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                    PCB Design Fabrication Assembly News

Yash and LED thermal Guru Clemens Lasance to Present at IPC APEX
Part of the Materials Make it Cool session, Yash and Clemens will expand upon their 2009 presentation with 'Thermal Management for LEDs: Taming the Wild West' at this year's IPC APEX in Las Vegas.
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Steve Wozniak to Keynote at IPC Apex EXPO 2011
Apple Computer Co-Founder Steve Wozniak to deliver the keynote address at IPC APEX on Tuesday, April 12, 2011, at Mandalay Bay Resort & Convention Center in Las Vegas.
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Yash to Present at IPC Technology Interchange on Thermal Management
Sutariya to provide insight PCB Designers, Assemblers, and OEMs in presentation entitled Thermal Management in End Applications: Dissipating the Heat Away from the Base of LEDs.
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Saturn Attends 2010 NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Fair in Miami
Saturn was proud to attend the National Minority Supplier Diversity Development Council national trade show and exhibition for the second year in a row.
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New Via Hole Filling Mass VHF 300
To meet the cutting-edge PCB selective via hole filling, through holes and blind vias needs of our customers, we recently purchased and installed a MASS horizontal selective via hole filling VHF 300 with vacuum
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Update on 2010 Certifications
Our certification updates for 2010 as well as our planned updates indicate the diversity of our customers by industry. In addition to updating C7000, we also received two Underwriter Laboratories Certifications and are currently reviewing NADCAP Certification.

Delphi C7000

We renewed our of Delphi C-7000 Certification for safety, high-reliability, and underhood applications.

UL Certification for Nelco 4000-13
We received UL Certification for Nelco 4000-13 series of materials to include: -13, -13SI, -13EP, -13EPSI.

UL Certification for thermal management
Received UL Certification for additional thermal management materials to include offerings from Bergquist (MP & HT), Iteq (IT-859GTA & IT-889GT), & Ventec (VT-4A1 & VT-4A2).

Saturn is also reviewing NADCAP Certification, which stands for the National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program.

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Yash Acquires Saturn Flex Systems, Inc.
With the recent acquisition of SFS by Vice-President Yash Sutariya, our team is bringing the same gold standard to a segment of the industry we have been unable to service until now.
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Yash Joins Real Time with...IPC to discuss Industry Trends 
Delineates Saturn's bounce-back from a significant sales hit due to the Chinese market in 2001. Having been immersed primarily in the automotive market, Yash conveys how we diversified into a top 25 bare board fabricator and are now positioned for strong growth with innovative technology and a commitment to investment.
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New Material & Fabrication Process Improves LED PCB Thermal Conductivity
New thermal management solution from PCB fabricator and technology partner signals major changes for circuit board industry with respect to thermal management applications.
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Michigan Solar Car Team Wins ASC!
The 2010 race crew has brought back Michigan's 3rd straight National Championship and 6th overall.  Infinium crossed the finish line 2 hours 12 minutes and 9 seconds ahead of the second place team Minnesota.
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Saturn's New Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine
Six-Spindle PCB-drilling high precision machine.
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Saturn Ranked in Top Ten for Largest Asian-Owned Businesses
SEC made Crain's List of 2009 Largest Asian-Owned Business in the Detroit area--coming in at number 7 (number 1 Downriver!)
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Michigan Solar Car Team
Jeff was preparing Infinium's LED lighting for the big day. The LED's are mounted on aluminum core printed circuit boards to provide maximum heat dissipation. This was the team's first attempt at aluminum core PCBs, and it turned out well! Thanks to Saturn Electronics for manufacturing the special boards and Visteon for providing the LEDs.
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PCB Fabricator Installs DeBurrer to meet Microvia & Multilayer Demand
Ishii Hyoki ICN4-700 allows SEC to meet industry demand for multilayer PCBs and microvias.
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