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Welcome to the Saturn Electronics Corporation PCB Technology Hub. Here you will find various resource centers pertaining to specific technologies.

RoHS PCBRoHS Lead Free Resource Center
The Pb-Free Resource Center contains information regarding RoHS compliance and necessary requirements for specifying Pb-free PCB materials and final finishes. We also have archived webinars for reducing Lead free costs.
Click here for Pb-free Resource Center

MCPCBMetal Core / LED PCB Resource Center
LED PCB Resource Center contains materials for LED PCBs as welll as the latest researched information, industry articles and design tools like thermal calculators.  
Click here for the LED PCB Resource Center

PCB Design Tools

This section contains various calculators and DFM information.
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IPC Design & Acceptability Standards
Quick resource for PCB Design and Acceptability Standards.
IPC Design & Acceptability Standards

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