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SuperWhite LED Soldermask

Current Resin Systems
  • Focus: initial thermal shock, not constant heat
  • Tend to brown over time
  • Not developed as Reflecting Surface for LEDs
Desired Resin Systems
  • Remain white through Assembly and Lifespan of LED final product
  • Have high reflectivity to enhance LED performance resulting in lower power consumption

Internal Soldermask Research

White High Temperature LPI Soldermask is the Solution

During the past two years a number of LED white soldermasks have been introduced.

Unfortunately, we didn't see much of an improvement.

As a result, we innovated our own solutions.

Identified 2 Offerings Demonstrating Significant Improvements

Achieving SuperWhite Soldermask While Resisting Browning

One way to achieve a "SuperWhite" soldermask that resists browning is to apply a second coat of thermal cured white soldermask over the LPI.

However, this can cause a concern that the second coat may impede the thermal dynamics of the PCB surface.

Based on the thermal images below comparing a single coat of LPI to a board with a secondary coat, we can see that this is a non-issue.


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