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sales history 

From 1988 through 2000, Saturn increased sales at an average annual rate of 25% year over year. In 2001, the North American PCB fabrication industry experienced a massive fallout, with 75% of sales volume moving to China, and over 50% of fabrication capacity shutting down altogether.

At that point, Saturn was dependent upon Automotive production for 90% of our sales. In a two week period at the end of 2001, we were notified that we were losing our Chrysler power distribution and GM automatic dimming mirror programs. These two programs represented over 50% of total sales. Despite this shock, we survived 2002 and also increased sales to other customers and industries. 

Since then we have continued our technology capabilities to further grow our sales and account base. In 2008, Saturn was in the top 25 PCB Fabricators in North America.