Company History

Saturn was founded in 1985 by Nagji Sutariya and his two nephews.

From the beginning, SEC focused on quality--and to learn from, but never repeat, mistakes.

From this seemingly simple philosophy, Saturn grew 25% yearly.


nagji-leadership-lessons Lessons in Leadership from My Father      
In this 2016 iConnect article, Yash Sutariya venerates his father by sharing the leadership principles that made Saturn great.
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Quality Bare Board Manufacturing

We attribute this growth to growing customer satisfaction, a growing referral base, and the overall increase in the use of electronics in manufacturing. Management never forgot the original focus on quality. As a result, Saturn achieved its ISO9002 certification in 1985. In 1998, Saturn became the 5th PCB manufacturer in the country to achieve QS9000 certification. With industry-recognized certifications under our belt, we turned our focus towards strict, customer-specific certifications. Between 1998 and 2000 we invested approximately $3 million towards quality and capacity improvements and were certified for high-reliability, safety, and under-hood applications.

PCB Manufacturing Capacity

In 2000, capital improvements doubled our capacity–resulting in a record year. Unfortunately, with the industry downturn, much of this added capacity went unused through 2002. However, our financial strength (debt-free with no leases) has allowed us to overcome the downturn by adding even more equipment and processes to expand our product offerings.


About Us

Domestic PCB Fabricator

Saturn Electronics Corporation is a debt-free, domestic bare printed circuit board manufacturer providing cutting-edge solutions mandatory throughout design, assembly and fabrication.

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