Sales History



Origins and Background

From 1988 through 2000, Saturn Electronics Corporation increased sales at an average annual rate of 25% year-over-year. This was the peak of the North American PCB Industry.

China Effect

In 2001, the North American PCB fabrication industry experienced a massive fallout:
  • 75% of sales volume moved to China;
  • 50% of fabrication capacity shut down altogether.

Pb-Free and Technologies

The mid-aughts saw a marked increase in lead free callouts.
  • 100% increase during the Aughts.

Rise and Fall of LED PCBs

The two-thousand and tens first big industry trend was LED Thermal Mangement.
  • SEC went from $21.5m in 2009 to $42.3m in 2014.

Diversified Supplier of Advanced Technologies

Since then we have continued our technology capabilities to further grow our sales and account base. As a result, we now service a wide variety of customers with needs varying from five piece quick-turn prototypes to high-volume production. Furthermore, our diverse customers’ require not only technological needs ranging from medium to fine line technology but also delivery requirements ranging from one day to three weeks.

About Us

Domestic PCB Fabricator

Saturn Electronics Corporation is a debt-free, domestic bare printed circuit board manufacturer providing cutting-edge solutions mandatory throughout design, assembly and fabrication.

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