Volume Production

Saturn comprehensively maintains the entire PCB platform by isolating each part of the process into succinct stages that ensure the highest levels of quality. This rigid isolation accumulates into greater flexibility for the overall process, as well as paves the way for Saturn to set Industry criteria through its participation in ground-breaking research.

Global Manufacturing
With factories in North America and Asia, SEC produces your products in the appropriate facility based on technology and volume. The size and scale of our manufacturing facilities allow us to meet the demands of large-scale commercial production. The capabilities in all of our facilities blend to provide complete lifecycle support.

Domestic Manufacturing
Saturn has a complete manufacturing facility at Romulus MI. with TS16949 Automotive Qualification. Saturn does First Article inspection on all new lots. Saturn will inventory up to 4 weeks at Romulus MI. Saturn does pre-engineering on all boards prior to sending offshore for manufacturing and panelization if required. Saturn will manufacture your board if you have a quality issue at the same cost as offshore and deliver on time to support your production. Saturn has its own team off-shore that supervises orders at the manufacturing level.

Supported Launches and Production:

  • Chrysler Caravan 1995- 2001
  • Ford Super Duty 2000-2004
  • Lincoln Navigator/Ford Expedition 2002 Launch through 2004
  • Ford F150 2003 Launch through 2004 production

Offshore Sourcing
SEC’s Michigan facilities manufacture volume products at the highest levels of technology while our multilayer plants in Asia supply high-volume products across a broader range of technology—from 2 layers up to 22 layers, as well as backplanes up to 32 layers.

SEC offshore capabilities provide customers:

  •    Quicker Delivery
  •    Higher Quality
  •    Greater Overall Cost Savings
  •    Increased Flexibility
  •    Seamless Facilitation

SEC Personnel provides customers:

  •    Engineering & Technical Support
  •    Customer Service
  •    Account Representation

SEC Programs include:

  •    Complete Kan Ban
  •    Stocking & Inventory Management


Overseas Qualification Process

1. Factory and Warehouse visit
2. Conduct Quality Systems Audit of the PCB manufacturing process
3. ISO 9001-2000 Certification
4. Capabilities Survey
5. Staff Training and Certification
6. Eight Discipline Process
7. Design Management
8. Materials Controls

After carefully selecting an offshore PCB facility based on a particular expertise, Saturn ensures that the fabricator’s performance has a High-Quality performance rating by qualifying them through our rigid qualification process.

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Domestic PCB Fabricator

Bare printed circuit board manufacturer (NAICS: 334412)
Romulus, MI (since 1985)
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BREAKING: DPA for PCBs: Defense Production Act prioritizes domestic circuit boards.

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