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Delphi C7000
Delphi C7000

Only U.S. Fabricator Certified

As of 2014, SEC was the only US PCB fabricator certified to Delphi's C7000 Class C certification for On-Engine applications.  We are certified up to 10 layers and down to 6 mil finished hole size.

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C7000 Background

Due to Delphi's strict performance requirements, IPC Class 3 standards do not fully encompass PCB characteristics required to survive long-term in high temperature thermal cycling environments. As such, Delphi formulated the C7000 certification program to address this.

Among other tests, the most grueling is a 1000-hour thermal cycling requirement on a daisy chain coupon. Each coupon contains a series of vias linked through plated vias and inner layer connections. Vendors are tested on layer count and minimum via diameter. Testing is performed using two air-to-air test chambers, after which it must exhibit less than a 10% change in resistance. 

Saturn has passed the Class C On-Engine certification which requires thermal cycling from -40 °C to +145 °C.

Benefits to non-Automotive

The purpose of C7000 is to simulate real operating conditions. As a result, it is one of the most aggressive thermal cycling testing systems. While Delphi-specific, its application is global within the manufacturing operation. Therefore, every SEC customer directly benefits by receiving Class C compliant product.