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Lessons in Leadership from My Father

Yash Sutariya

When I was asked to contribute an article for this issue on leadership, I thought it was an opportune time since my Dad, Nagji Sutariya, had recently passed away. I had spent nearly every daylight hour with him since I started working with him at Saturn in 2001. Along the way, I picked up what drove him as a businessman, a father, and a member of our community. I am proud to share the lessons I gleaned along the way.
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Domestic Fabricators: Round 10 and Still Standing!

Keys to Growth

Reshoring may be real, but fabricators still need to understand that the conditions driving it have nothing to do with mandates or politics. This article defines five skill sets driving the targeted reshoring campaign. Does your company possess these capabilities (p.12).
Keys to Growth in 2013

TCO: From Buzzword to Reality

Six Key Factors to Consider Before "The Offshore Default"

The New Millennium saw a dramatic shift in PCB procurement from North America to Asia (primarily to China). Consequently, domestic PCB fabrication revenue declined 66% which, in turn, closed more than half of North American fabricators.
TCO for PCBs

PCB Reliability

Cleaning Up Your Act

Bare board cleanliness is a serious matter, yet also a relatively new issue for the industry. In addition to design, a product’s environment causes ionic contamination to form dendritic growth. End users should review both board design and the environment to combat the issue.
Bare Board Cleanliness

Built Board Tough

High-Reliability Performance

PCBs are electronic real estate. Establishing the foundation for assembly, there is a direct correlation between the reliability of a final electronic product and the bare printed circuit board. There is much to knowing what it takes as both a buyer and a producer of PCBs to ensure high-reliability PCB performance.
High-Reliability PCBs

Let's Make Circuit Boards Out of FR-4!

PTH / Cu Pour versus MCPCBs for LEDs

Back in 2009, Yash consulted Clemens Lasance, a thermal management guru, who began teaching the ways of the (thermal) force. Now, Yash is curious: Are brand-name thermal dielectrics on metal core printed circuit boards more effective than traditional FR-4 PCBs with Cu-plated vias?
Making PCBs out of FR-4

The Latest on PCB Black Pad

Right Recipe Can Cut Pb-Free Costs 

HASL and Flow: A Lead Free Alternative