DES Line Installation


Multilayer Production
  • Making gains with Multilayers but still running a few weeks behind.
  • We are making progress to Multilayer Production this week.
  • Late next week we will have cut the backlog down to less than two weeks.

We have increased the Multilayer Lamination’s Labor Force to three operators. However, Inner Layer Production has been hampered by both Equipment and Chemistry issues that we finally resolved this morning. Nonetheless, we are announcing the purchase of a new DES Line custom-made to address the following specifications: four meters per minute for one ounce Copper and 2mil Core transportation for HDI production; this translates to 7500 cores for standard two-shift, eight-hour operation. As a result, SEC DES throughput will rank among the highest North American fabricators for this process. Installation is scheduled to begin in August.

Double-sided production is filling the vacuum created due to adversities with Multilayer process. Not only have we completely restored 100% capacity but are now building ahead for future orders.

Hard and Soft Gold Electroplating
Because we used a manual line, we have incurred significant delays for PCB Technologies requiring electroplated Hard Gold (either for full body or edge fingers). As a result, we are installing a fully-automated Hard and Soft Gold Electroplating Line, which is near completion (currently being run through Test Cycles). Next, we will be ordering over $250,000 of Gold to fill the line within the next one-to-two weeks and will begin production by the end of July.

Since the last update we have added one new person to the Labor Force. We continue to move forward in Open Hire mode as well as the cross-training initiative which continues to produce positive results thanks to the flexibility it provides our leaner pool. Further, we expect to see an influx of personnel on the horizon as super unemployment benefits will begin to end July 31.

Next Update: Automating Saturn’s Future
Our next newsletter shop update will share the vision being put into (auto)motion. Sorry. Guess I’ve come down with Fourth of July Fever. In all seriousness, I will share details from the deal we are currently working on to complete the automation of all remaining material handling functions that require a human being. This will allow us to meet the labor shortage halfway by further lessening dependence on machines that require human involvement.

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