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What are PCBs? How do PCBs Work?

What is inside of PCBs? Informative and well-made video from Branch Education explores the vast labryinth of wires inside the PCB and details how PCBs work. Content includes X-Ray image of PCB and vias and holes in the PCB.
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SEC to Attend 2018 NMSDC Event in Austin

Saturn Electronics Corporation will be attending this year's annual National Minority Supplier Development Council Event in Austin, Texas October 14-17. The NMSDC Conference and Business Opportunity Exchange is the nation’s premier forum on minority supplier development.
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SEC Chooses atg Flying Probe for High-Speed Electrical Test and Automation

atg Luther & Maelzer GmbH, confirms the order for high-speed bare board testing technology. The atg A5a, 8 head, double-sided, auto-load/unload system, for true “lights-out” operation has been ordered and installed by Saturn Electronics, Romulus, MI. A5a (auto-load/unload) testers utilize 8 flying probe test heads, multiple optical recognition systems, and a wide variety of advanced, high-speed electrical test measurement techniques to electrically test all types of PCBs for continuity and isolation. Board sizes of 24” x 18’ (or larger), with small pad/fine pitch technology can be tested quickly and easily. Special options, such as, 4-wire Kelvin tests, Hi-pot test, Latent defect test, and others can be provided.

SEC Acquires Orbotech Inkjet Printer

Looking to stay on the cutting-edge and remain competitive, Saturn joined the elite group of domestic fabricators with inkjet printers in their facility when we recently installed Orbotech's Sprint 8-Inkjet Legend Printer to our Romulus fabrication facility.  The Sprint-100 is capable of printing down to 0.5mm height text and 3 mil features as well as the its ability to make straight lines in any angle.  With its patented UCI Technology for superior quality, ink drops are cured instantly for uniform line width and height, which in turn, reduces cycle times by eliminating baking cycles.

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