Inner-Layer Develop-Etch-Strip Line

Features thin core handling for complete automation

des-silhouetteSorry for the long delay between communications. We have been hard at work revamping the shop. Since we last transmitted, I have taken over production planning and revived the entire shop--bringing it now fully back to order. 

Because of this we once again have the accurate visibility necessary for determining ship dates. In addition, double-sided production is running fully on-time while multilayer production is definitely getting back to where it once belonged...especially now that we have completed our latest installation.

As we traverse this new normal, we will respond by continuously modernizing Saturn in order to attain full manufacturing capacity in spite of the reduced labor pool. So in order to increase automation as well as HDI capacity, we have installed a new Develop-Etch-Strip (DES) line featuring thin core handling to enable complete automation.

Prior to this, any cores with less than 0.014" thickness were required to be taped to a thicker leading board, which then required two operators to load and subsequently unload.

This new line is designed to transport down to 0.002" rigid cores without the need for leader boards. In fact, we have successfully transported 0.001" flex cores with no issues, making this line both a design and installation success.

Furthermore, this process no longer requires a full-time operator as it now features a loader, coversheet remover, and unloader. Last but not least, this new DES line is able to produce approximately 300 1-ounce cores per hour.

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