Conduit Vol. 1
For some time now the Industry has had to deal with delamination in its Pb-free boards as it waited for a solution, which would ideally get back to processing the way we did when everything was SnPb.
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Conduit Vol. 2
Black Pad
At the onset of the conversion to Lead-Free / RoHS compliance, we believed that black pad was a condition exclusive to improper maintenance of the nickel plating bath.
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Conduit Vol. 3
Bare Board Cleanliness
The cleanliness of a completed PCB is crucial because a circuit board with high levels of ionic ontamination deteriorates insulation resistance and dielectric strength. This can result in dendrite growth, reducing the field life of the product.
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Conduit Vol. 4
Via Plugging
The purpose of IPC-4761 is to provide PCB designers, assemblers and fabricators with information on existing methods for the protection of vias and on circuit boards. This guideline reflects the IPC's work towards standardizing the process for via plugging.
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Conduit Q4 2016
2016 Year in Reviewconduit-newsletter
It was a rough year for Saturn.  In addition to overall industry sales being soft, we lost two large customers in the LED market. On top of all of this, our Founde
r, CEO, and Dad passed away on July 25th-making this officially our worst year ever.
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Conduit Q4 2018
2018 Year in Review
Just a few years back we were heavily reliant on the LED PCB market but as competition eroded margins and pulled work overseas, Saturn was caught a bit off guard. However, we excel at change management.
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Conduit Q3 2019
PCB Reliability
PCBs are best viewed as electronic real estate. There is a direct correlation between the reliability of a final electronic product and that of the bare board. Ensuring high-reliability performance requires plenty of expertise for both PCB buyers and producers.
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