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PCB Fabricator Installs DeBurrer – Meets Microvia & Multilayer Demand

Ishii Hyoki ICN4-700 affirms Saturn’s commitment to meeting Industry demand for multilayers and microvias 


January 27, 2009 Romulus, MI — Addressing the industry demand for multilayer boards and microvias, Saturn Electronics Corporation, PWB Manufacturer, installed the Ishii Hyoki DeBurrer ICN4-700 into its Romulus-based PCB fabrication facility last week. 

The ICN4-700 is essential for the polishing process in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. 

The new DeBurrer not only increases Saturn’s advanced technology capabilities for PCBs but it also improves quality and reliability while increasing PCB production capacity 

The Ishii Hyoki PCB Manufacturing Deburrer is equipped with an ultra sonic chamber specifically designed for effectively cleaning microvias. The new Deburrer increases quality by automatically measuring panel thickness and adjusting brush pressure accordingly. The result is that Saturn’s deburring process is completely independent of manual operation during bare board fabrication. 

"This New Addition to our process adds a critical capability to insure production capabilites of advanced technologies" - Yash Sutariya 

Passing Savings to the Customer
Purchased new with all the options, this machine would set us back over $250,000. However, we took advantage of a competitor shutdown and purchased this for less than $80,000. This strategy allows us to offer the latest technological advancements to our customer base without a correspondingly high piece price. 

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