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Saturn's New Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine 
Six-Spindle PCB-drilling high precision machine 

The Micronics 86 runs a positive electrical charge into the panel during drilling and the drill spindle runs a negative charge. Once the drill bit makes contact with the panel surface the PLC begins measuring the depth that the drill bit travels into the panel. This system is capable of depth control to within +/- 0.5 mils, making this mechanical drill a very cost effective alternative to laser drilling (which we also offer). We will be using this enhanced capability to further out HDI Blind Microvia development program, which we expect to begin offering commercially in Q2 2009.


  • Linear x, y, & Z axis motors 2400 inches per minute table speed

  • 220k RPM Spindle Speed

  • Drilling of structures with resolutions and density down to +/- 1 mil e.g. for BGA, Flip-Chip Technology and all state of the art materials and structures

  • Holes diameter range starting from 4 mils

  • Depth structuring for highly accurate blind via drilling down to +/- 0.5 mil by unique Contact-Drilling feature (CBD)

  • Options for PCB contour routing or drilling/routing

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