Archived Press Releases

In-House Flying Probe Testing for PCB Fabrication
Regularly calibrated Ultim8 hits the mark on critical test points without leaving any thanks to its soft touch
Flying Probe

Saturn Acquires 2 New Mania T8T AOIs
Broadening Capacity for Efficient PCB Manufacturing
Mania AOIs

Saturn Invests in CEBOS MQ1 Enterprise Quality Management Software
New Software Automates Time-Consuming Quality Process; Increases QC Engineer's Capacity
Cebos MQ1

Saturn Receives ITAR Registration
International Traffic in Arms Regulations governs controlled commodities and services
ITAR Registration

Saturn Electronics Corp. Installs New TargetSystem to Internal Lab
With a System Accuracy of +/- 5 um, TargetSystem improves High Accuracy Preparation
Target System

Tired of Delam?
IPC 4101/99 and /124 are the Answer

Saturn's New Mania Micronic 86 Drilling Machine
Six-Spindle PCB-drilling high precision machine
PCB Drilling

PCB Fabricator Installs DeBurrer – Meets Microvia & Multilayer Demand
Ishii Hyoki ICN4-700 affirms Saturn’s commitment to meeting Industry demand for multilayers and microvias

Saturn Siezes Olec AccuTray AT-30
Advanced Auto Align Imaging Platform Tailored For Meticulous Manufacturer
Saturn Electronics added the Olec AT-30 to their continually expanding stable of high-caliber Process Equipment. The austere automatic vision-based Register imparts both authority and ingenuity to the Romulus based PCB Manufacturer.
PCB Imaging

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