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New Material Yields 800x Thermal Conductivity for LED Applications

New thermal management PCB solution will be unveiled at IPC APEX 2010

Newly established joint venture that includes Saturn Electronics Corporation is in the process of finalizing development of a specially-constructed LED packaging solution that will replace traditional metal core or aluminum PCB substrates. thermalConductivity

The innovative solution contains
thermal conductivity properties that are up to 4x the thermal conductivity of pure copper, which has up to 200x thermal conductivity of current "premium" thermal management dielectrics. 

Saturn Electronics will be in Booth 1628 at IPC Las Vegas. 

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Dispersing Heat with Graphite
Yash Sutariya, VP of Saturn Electronics Corporation, discusses the thermal packaging solution that combines the heat dissipation benefits of the graphite material with the mechanical benefits of FR-4, resulting in a cost effective mounting material. 

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