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Blind / Buried Vias


Blind Vias start on an outer layer but terminate on an inner layer. Buried Vias exist only between inner layers and do not begin or terminate on an outer layer. Via issues include voids and more.


Blind and buried vias save real estate as features and lines are designed above or below them without making a connection. Today's fine pitch BGA and flip-chip component footprints do not allow for running traces through. Blind and buried vias connect required layers to the specific area.

Updated Technology

HDI via fill plating process dramatically reduces the number of steps required while at the same time allowing for smaller circuit line and spacing. Combined with laser drilling, sequential lamination technology, and direct imaging, this plating process allows for the creation of "any-layer" via technology. 

New HDI sample circuit board: Copper Via Fill.

18GHz Microwave Cavity (click image for more)
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