Blind / Buried Vias

Blind Vias start on an outer layer but terminate on an inner layer. Buried Vias exist only between innermicrovia-design-fabrication layers. Blind and buried vias save real estate. Features and lines designed above/below without connection. Fine pitch BGA and flip-chip component footprints restrict traces.

Applications Fabrication issues
1.  Autonomous vehicles (LIDAR) 1.  Desmear / Deash
2.  Mobile 2.  Hole preparation
3.  Wireless 3.  Cu plating / Cu filled via
4.  Computing Click here for more

Via Fill and Any-Layer Via
HDI via fill plating boosts production time and increases density and functionality by providing finer lines and spaces. Combined with laser drilling, sequential lamination technology, and direct imaging, this plating process allows for the creation of any-layer via technology.

HDI sample circuit board: Cu Via Fill

Laser Drilled Blind and Buried Vias: Click here for more

Sample Boards
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PTFE  Cavity
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SFS Blind and Buried Vias Sample Boards:  Click here
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