Heavy Copper


circuit_heavy_copperHeavy Cu does not have a set definition per IPC. We generally define Heavy Copper PCB as the use of 3 ounce copper or higher in inner and/or outer layers of a printed circuit or power distribution board. Saturn is UL-Certified for up to 6-oz copper on inner and outer layers and capable of producing both plated and non-plated PCBs with up to 20 oz copper for double-sided and multilayers.


Heavy copper can be used for a variety of purposes to include high power distribution heat dissipation, planar transformers, and power convertors. New industries such as EV and PV utilize heavy copper for its high current-carrying capabilities while BMS uses it in conjunction with Flex PCB.

Fabrication Issues

Here you will find information on heavy copper fabrication issues that we have resolved:

  •  Delamination
  •  Inner layer alignment
  •  Over-etching
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Sample Boards

20 oz Cu PTH Power Supply
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Heavy Copper Sample Boards

Click here for additional Heavy Copper sample boards from our sister company Saturn Flex.

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