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Metal Core PCBs

Thermal Management PCBs are necessary for high power LED applications due to the amount of heat that LEDs generate. 

Aluminum Substrate LED PCBs

Saturn provides high-quality metal/Al core LED PCB production and prototype fabrication to include the following advanced technologies:
  • aluminum substrate

  • blind / buried vias

  • heavy cu thickness up to 20 oz.


MCPCB Fabrication for LED Applications

The bare board is the real estate that sustains electronic components such as 
LEDs. PCBs containing ametal core dissipate heat in LED applications. In addition, the MCPCB provides a much lower thermal resistance for light emitting diode applications. 

Thermal Management LED PCB Design Specifications

In LED PWB design and fabrication, the designer is always conscious of price and manufacturability. Saturn's DFM Engineers will advise designers on material specifications for LED PCB fabrication by helping designers define their needs so that they can choose specifications that best suit the designer's purpose and needs.

MCPCBs for Solar Panel Applications

Solar panel applications generate tremendous amounts of heat. Dissipating this heat will greatly improve performance and this can be achieved by using thermal management materials just like those used for the same purpose in LED applications.

Thermal Management for LEDs Webinar
In addition, the thermal management LED PCB fabrication webinar features a section addressing the applications of thermal management; the need for thermal management in LED MCPCB fabrication; and survey results pertaining to heat management characteristics, heat dissipation, and applicable PCB heat sinks. Sign up today for our free LED Thermal Management Webinar

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