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Thermal Management

Multilayer Heat Sink Registration

We have developed a process flow that allows us to utilize our existing multilayer registration system in registering the to the PCB accurately to within 5 mils prior to bonding.

MCPCB Machining

We have developed different methods of machining to produce to produce high quality product using metal heatsinks and metal cores. These include integrating a variety of different machining tools in the fabrication of our Metal Core PCBs. A smooth finish is insured by combining existing CNC machining operations as well as specialized mechanical and chemical deburring processes.

Aluminum PCB Materials Lead Time

We stock a variety of Aluminum PCB material on a regular basis. We also have inventory stocking programs for individual customers to ensure that we have materials on hand for your next order.

Browning White Soldermask

White soldermask is commonly used in LED PCB applications with metal cores. A common failure mode for the end OEM is a browning of the soldermask. This browning occurs as a result of the cumulative heat cycles the bare circuit board is exposed to during the soldermask baking and HASL processes at the PWB fabricator as well as reflows and wave solder at the PCBA operation.

SuperWhite LED PCB Soldermask

We have worked with our soldermask suppliers as well as suppliers not traditionally associated with the PCB industry to develop SuperWhite LED soldermask that can withstand multiple heat cycles during the fabrication and assembly processes as well in the field.

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