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Fine Lines & Spacing
Controlled Impedance
Heavy Copper
PTFE / Hybrid
Cavity Boards
Internal Cavities
Thermal Management
Blind / Buried Vias
Edge Plating
Metal Core
Semi-Flex Circuits
Any-Layer Vias
Variable Thickness PCB

Variable Thickness
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Additional Advanced Technologies
Fine Lines and Spacing
Cavity Boards
Blind / Buried Vias

Variable Thickness PCB
Layer Count
Copper Weight n/a
Min Line / Space 5 mil spacing
Final Finish Soft, Wire-Bondable Gold
Additional Details FR4-06 (layers 1-4) and Teflon / TLY-5 (layers 5-6) hybrid. Layer pairs 1-2, 3-4, & 5-6 different height creating step pattern