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RoHS Lead Free Resource Center

rohs-lead-free-circuitThe Pb-Free Resource Center contains information regarding RoHS compliance and requirements for specifying Lead Free printed circuit board materials, laminated and final finishes. We have also archived our Lead Free webinars, research information and industry articles. Additionally, the Resource Center contains Fabrication Notes for both Laminate Choice Guidelines and Pb-free HASL Minimum Thickness Guidelines.

Pb-free Resource Center

LED Thermal Management Resource Centerled-pcb-resource

The LED PCB Resource Center contains materials for Light Emitting Diode Printed Circuit Boards. We also provide the latest researched information, archived webinars, industry articles, design tools like thermal calculators, fabrication notes. In addition, you will find information on non-browning soldermasks, an LED materials chart for thermal and dielectric characteristics and thermal property basics.

LED PCB Resource Center

PCB Design Tools

This Printed Circuit Board Design section contains the latest researched information, various tools-dfm-pcbdesign calculators such as a Trace Width Calculator (calculates the trace width based on a curve fit to IPC-2221) and a PCB Via Calculator (calculates the resistance, voltage drop, and power loss).  DFM guidelines include the Trace Carry Capacity Charts for Maximum Current Amps and the Conductor Thickness and Width for meeting Design for Manufacturing requirements.

PCB Design Tools

IPC Design and Accessibility Standardsipc_design_standards

Quick resource for Design and Acceptability Standards and Metal Finishing Charts.  Standards include IPC 6012: Acceptability Criteria, IPC-A-600: Acceptability Criteria with Visual Aids, IPC-SM-840: Soldermask Guidelines, IPC-4552: Immersion Gold, IPC-4553: Immersion Silver, IPC 4101: Laminate and Substrate Guidelines, IPC-4761:Via Plugging, and IPC-5704: Bare Board Cleanliness. General Metal Finishing Charts include  ASTM-B-48 and Mil-G-45204.

RF Low Loss Materials Selection Guiderf_materials-selection_guide

RF-microwave systems require very low loss to process low-level signals and enable high-power applications. Critical elements such as low dissipation Factor (to maximize and enable high-power applications) and dielectric constant (to allow rapid signal propagation) must be considered when selecting your RF Materials. The RF Materials Selection Guide is a low loss materials comparison chart of the high speed Microwave laminates and prepregs currently available.

Heavy Cu Resource Centerheavy_copper-resource_center

Heavy / Thick / Extreme copper printed circuit boards (>2 ounce copper per layer) are not commonly designed or consumed. Yet, their high current carrying capacity and thermal benefits do lend them to be great fits for certain applications. Due to their scarcity, though, good information for designers can be hard to find. Should there be a topic or question we have not addressed, please contact Jim Kelch and we will do our best to research the topic and add relevant information to this portal.
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