IPC Standards

Below is a quick listing of IPC Standards that may prove helpful in PCB Design.

IPC design and acceptability standards
1. IPC 6012: acceptability criteria
2. IPC-A-600: acceptability of printed boards
3. IPC-SM-840: soldermask guidelines
4. IPC-4552: immersion gold
5. IPC-4553: immersion silver
6. IPC 4101: laminate / substrate guidelines
7. IPC-4761: via plugging
8. IPC-5704: bare board cleanliness

General metal finishing charts
1. Commercial ASTM-B-488
2. Military Mil-G-45204

Flexible Circuits
IPC Standards include Design, Base Dielectric, Foils and Adhesives for Flex Applications, Performance Specifications, Final Finishes, and Electrical Testing.
IPC Standards for Flexible Circuits

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