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Lead Free PCB Resource Center

Here you will find information on the Pb-free materials utilized by Saturn in the fabrication of our bare printed circuit boards as well as the latest lead-free PCB articlesRoHS compliant presentations, and Pb-free fabrication notes.

RoHS Compliant Materials

While standard FR4 is technically RoHS compliant, it is not usually lead-free assembly capable. Saturn utilizes the following RoHS compliant and lead-free assembly capable materials in our PCB manufacturing process.

IPC 4101 Lead Free Laminates

Saturn uses laminates classified into IPC 4101/99,  IPC 4101/124,  IPC 4101/136 and IPC 4101/129 categories.

Pb-Free Final Finishes

Final finishes that we currently offer in-house include SN100CL Lead-Free HASL, Immersion Silver, and Immersion Gold.

RoHS Compliant Flex PCB Resource Center

Includes information on the latest IPC requirements, laminates and final finish considerations for Lead Free Flexible PCBs.