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Latest News, Information, and Tools 
Where you'll find all the latest in LED Circuit Board news and researched information, especially in regards to 
Thermal Interface Materials (TIM), Dielectric SubstratesElectrical InsulationThermal Transfer, and Alternative Solutions. In addition, there's also several links to latest LED online calculators. 

Thermal Properties 
Here you will find articles on 
Thermal Properties as well as researched information and materials regarding such thermal characteristics as Thermal ResistanceHeat TransferThermal Conductivity, and Heat Spreading 

Electrical Insulation 
Check out our 
Electrical Insulation page for the latest developments pertaining to LEDs and circuit board fabrication. 

Dielectric Substrates 
Dielectric Substrates section features articles and research on different materials and processes as well as a section dedicated entirely to Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs) 

LED PCB Industry News
LED PCB Industry News section serves as aggregated source for the latest articles regarding PCBs for Light Emitting Diode applications

Design Tools / LED Calculators
Design Tools section is intended to aid in the Design, Fabrication and Assembly of the LED Circuit Board and features both articles and news as well as the latest online LED calculators available. 

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