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SEC now offers OSP surface finish in-house.

What is OSP surface finish?
Organic Surface Preservative (OSP) is an organic solderability protectant process and provides a thin, uniform, non-tacky film capable of maintaining the solderability of the copper surface through multiple soldering thermal cycles. It has a slight pinkish tint color. The process is easily controlled and is more economical than metallic finishes that provide similar protection. The film thickness is essentially self-limiting and is easily controlled via the operating parameters.

What are the advantages of OSP?

  • Offers a flat, coplanar surface (similar to immersion finishes)
  • Less expensive than other immersion finishes.
  • Solderability is maintained through three I.R. soldering cycles
  • Reliable against moisture from a long term point of view
  • VOC free material
  • Lead-free applications

What are the disadvantages of OSP?

  • Could be easily decomposed by water dew and sweat, boards should be handled with gloves.
  • Visual inspection of OSP finish is virtually impossible.