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PCB Final Finishes

Here you will find information on the leading surface finishes available for your bare printed circuit board.

Click links in the table below for more information on a particular Final Finish.

Final Finish Characteristics Comparison Chart

Final Finish
Panel Cost
Shelf Life
Avail (N.A.)
ENEPIG $50+ Flat 1yr
Resistive Sourced
ENIG $20 Flat 1yr
Resistive High
HASL Base Rough
Resistive High
Pb-free HASL $2 Rough 1yr Resistive High
OSP $5 Flat 6mo Fragile Sourced
ImAg $5 Flat 1yr Fragile High
$5 Flat 1yr Fragile High
$5 Flat 6mo Fragile Medium
Deep Gold
Area Flat 1yr Resistive Sourced


PCB Surface Analysis

The Final Finishes Resource Center addresses concerns throughout the PCB supply chain by providing technical research and information pertaining primarily to:
  • Fabrication
  • Design
  • Assembly

Criteria for Selecting a Final Finish

According to Mike Carano (from his IPC Blog) selecting a PCB final finish is vital to the end product; therefore, there is much more to consider than merely aesthetics and cost. With so many final finish options available, how do the PCB fabricator, designer and assembler reconcile the best option to insure long term solder joint reliability under lead-free soldering conditions? What finish or finishes are best suited for fine pitch BGA as well as through-hole assembly?
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9 things to consider when selecting a final finish

  1. What is the ultimate reliability requirement for the PCB? Atmosphere, environment, etc.
  2. How many assembly cycles will the board (and surface finish) be subjected to?
  3. Is ICT important for the finish?
  4. Are cosmetics a key attribute?
  5. Does the PCB eventually require wirebonding?
  6. Product life of the circuit board?
  7. Equipment considerations for final finish processing
  8. Is shock / drop testing a concern?
  9. Overall cost of the finish in comparison with the total board cost and required functionality